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Government announcement
21 November 2017

The Québec branché program – Nearly 100,000 Quebec homes to benefit from high-speed internet in non-metropolitan areas

Following the Québec branché program’s call for projects, more than 80 projects have been selected in the 14 eligible regions of Quebec, representing investments of more than $290 million, $105.9 million of which are provided by the Government of Quebec. In total, 96,829 Quebec homes are slated to benefit from these projects and from the installation of fibre optic technology across rural Quebec.

The Québec branché program aims to provide high-speed Internet to rural Quebec and to areas that are currently poorly served, if at all. The Government of Quebec also plans to finance projects in northern areas through the Société du Plan Nord. Discussions are in progress between the federal government and the Société du Plan Nord and could be the subject of a later announcement.


In all the regions that I’ve visited in the last years, I’ve been asked the same question: how do we keep young people in the countryside and bring them back? It’s one of your concerns and one of mine. For our young people to stay in or return to the small towns and rural areas, we have to give them the means to pursue their dreams and ambitions there. With the projects selected for this program, nearly 100,000 homes will be connected to high-speed internet across Quebec. That’s a major step toward the rise of innovative regions that are fully connected to the world and open to local and international collaboration.

– Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec

Our support for these projects will allow more households and businesses to be connected and will contribute to the growth of our economy. Just like electricity in the 20th century, access to high-speed internet these days is a powerful driver of digital and socioeconomic development. We intend to put it to full use as part of the Digital Economy Action Plan and the future Digital Strategy in order to stimulate the economy of Quebec and all its regions.

– Dominique Anglade, Deputy Premier, Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation and Minister responsible for the Digital Strategy

More than $40 million will be invested in Mauricie to bring high-quality internet service to 34 communities. Connecting our region is an essential factor for the development of Mauricie’s economy and the vitality of our communities. In this respect, the projects chosen in Mauricie will lead to considerable and sustainable benefits for our citizens and our businesses.

– Julie Boulet, Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Mauricie region

Key facts:

  • The Québec branché program, equipped with an initial investment of $100 million, is one of the pillars of the Digital Economy Action Planand of Quebec’s future Digital Strategy.
  • Following the Québec branché program’s call for projects, nearly 80 projects were selected from the 14 eligible regions of Quebec. These represent investments of $293.3 million, $105.9 million of which are provided by the Government of Quebec. In total, 96,829 Quebec homes are slated to benefit from these projects.
  • The criteria of the Quebec government’s Québec branché program and of the federal Connect to Innovate program have been aligned, and both levels of government have worked in collaboration throughout the process.