Un plan d'action pour assurer l'occupation et la vitalité des territoires en matière de justice
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Government announcement
23 July 2018

An Action Plan to Ensure the Occupancy and Vitality of Territories in Terms of Justice

Un plan d'action pour assurer l'occupation et la vitalité des territoires en matière de justice

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QUEBEC, July 23, 2018 – The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Quebec, Ms. Stéphanie Vallée, has launched the 2018–2020 Ministry of Justice Action Plan to Ensure the Occupancy and Vitality of Territories. A first for this ministry, this action plan lists the main actions proposed to encourage access to justice across Quebec’s regions.

The plan presents the regionalization of the judicial system through 31 ministerial actions, built around two main areas of intervention: the local service offer and the adaptation of services for diverse regional clientele. It’s important to stress that the actions result from the regional priorities presented in the 2018–2022 governmental strategy to ensure the occupancy and vitality of territories.

By doing so, the Ministry of Justice intends to continue the improvement of regional building and technological infrastructures as well as the adaptation of services dedicated to various groups of regional users. To do this, the action plan relies on many existing measures and programs within the Ministry of Justice as well as on the collaboration of its partners, in particular the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions and the Network of Crime Victims Assistance Centers.


The government of Quebec wants to offer all Quebecers equal access to justice. Through collaborations with local resources, we are constantly working to improve justice system services that are offered to different user groups, regardless of their geographic situation. I am convinced that this action plan will better respond to the reality and needs of the regions and various communities.

– Stéphanie Vallée, Minister of Justice and Quebec Attorney General.

Complementary Information

Three other financial aid programs from the ministry complete the actions presented in the plan, by supporting activities or specific projects related to justice in the regions:

  • Financial assistance program to promote access to justice;
  • Program for the granting of financial assistance to support research, information, awareness and training in connection with assistance for victims of crime
  • Fight against Homophobia and Transphobia Program.
  • Moreover, recall that the 2017–2022 Government Action Plan to fight homophobia and transphobia aims, among others, to reinforce the coordination of actions, especially in remote areas.