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Press release
27 March 2019

The CAQ Has Betrayed Families of Severely Handicapped Children

During the election campaign, François Legault promised that no one would be left behind and that assistance for families with severely handicapped children would be modulated according to the severity of the child’s disability. The MNA representing Westmount-Saint-Louis and Official Opposition Critic for Families, Ms. Jennifer Maccarone was saddened to learn that the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) budget had not set aside any money to help families with severely handicapped children. Where is the $22 million dollars that was promised? The CAQ’s financial framework foresaw $22 million annually. It seems promises are forgotten as quickly as they are made!

Recall that earlier today the government refused to debate a motion tabled by Ms. Maccarone which asked the government to respect the promise made to 36,000 families with handicapped children without delay, and to immediately commit to injecting $22 million dollars annually to enhance the Supplement for handicapped children with exceptional care needs, which is essential for these families.

During the election campaign, François Legault, Mathieu Lacombe, Maryline Picard, and all of the CAQ candidates made promises to parents with severely handicapped children. Upon reading this budget, those parents have come to realize that they have been betrayed. The government has abandoned them. Where are the CAQ MNAs today when they are supposed to be defending these parents and their children? Why make these families wait when the CAQ government has the funds and the ability to take action today? Parents jusqu’au bout and l’Étoile de Pacho are also demanding that the government transform their words into action right away.

– Jennifer Maccarone, MNA representing Westmount—Saint-Louis and Official Opposition Critic for Families