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14 February 2024

Our obsession: the Québec economy to ensure access to our public services.

The first week of the parliamentary session is now behind us.

It is obvious to all observers that François Legault is struggling to maintain control. As expected, he improvises and lacks rigor. Even more concerning, he stubbornly refuses to provide a clear strategy for boosting economic growth that puts our entrepreneurs first in every region of Quebec.
The Quebec Liberal Party has a clear and unwavering mission: to put the economy at the centre of our concerns and activities. It is an obsession that drives our every intervention in the National Assembly. We are convinced that economic development serves as the cornerstone upon which the prosperity of our nation is built. For us, the economy is the most important instrument for keeping our public finances in order, building the required housing units, and ensuring access to public services today and in the future.

Confronted with a government that has neglected them since taking office, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are currently experiencing a significant decline in confidence, reaching its lowest point in 15 years. This situation is highly concerning and demands prompt action. SMEs play a crucial role in our economy and local communities, generating employment opportunities and fostering creativity. We will tirelessly amplify their voice and advocate for their interests, day in and day out.

Rest assured that your Liberal Official Opposition team remains committed to prioritizing the economy as we go into the second week of this parliamentary session. While the Parti Québécois prioritizes Quebec’s separation, and Québec solidaire expresses skepticism towards our wealth creators, we, at the Quebec Liberal Party, give top priority to the economy.

Before wealth can be distributed, it must first be generated.

Marc Tanguay, Interim Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

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