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Communiqué de presse
14 February 2024

Defending Our Fundamental Rights

This week, François Legault’s CAQ government tabled Bill 52 with a view to renewing the preemptive use of the notwithstanding clause enshrined in the Act respecting the laicity of the state (Bill 21). The Quebec Liberal Party categorically rejects this attack on the fundamental rights and freedoms of Quebecers. We will vote against PL52, which aims to circumvent justice by preventing Bill 21 from court challenges.

In a free and democratic society, it is wholly unacceptable to pre-emptively use the notwithstanding clause in an effect to prevent access to justice, particularly when the rights and freedoms of all of Quebecers are at stake. We oppose the suspension of individual liberties except when legitimate restrictions can be established by a court of law. The CAQ’s proposed Bill 52 demonstrates a disdain for the rule of law which governs our society.

It appears that the CAQ government may have the support of both the Parti québécois and Québec solidaire. History will be their judge.

Quebecers want to live in a society where our rights are not only respected, but also protected by our institutions. The behavior of these three political parties—the CAQ, PQ, and QS— provides further proof that we must remain steadfast and ever vigilant in our fight to safeguard fundamental rights and freedoms.

The Quebec Liberal Party will stand tall as we continue to defend the individual rights and freedoms of all Quebecers.

Marc Tanguay, Interim Leader of the Quebec Liberal Party