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27 May 2020

A Bill to Offer Dignified, Humane Care

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Today, at the National Assembly the MNA representing Pontiac and Liberal Critic for Health and Social Services, Mr. André Fortin, tabled a bill aimed at enhancing the quality of care in hospitals and long-term health-care facilities through establishing ratios. The ratios are more relevant now than ever before, especially within the context of the pandemic Quebec has been facing for the last few months.

As the measures proposed in the bill state, these ratios would establish teams with a minimum number of health care professionals per group of patients with similar health problems. This minimum would be increased according to need. In sufficient numbers, professionals would be able to offer safer care, treat patients at a level that is commensurate with their values and finally be able to use all of their skills.

A decrease in workload, dissatisfaction, absenteeism, distress, exhaustion and workplace accidents were demonstrated in many pilot projects. By offering optimal conditions to care workers, it will be easier to recruit a workforce that has long since been lacking on the ground.

The COVID-19 crisis once again shows us the importance of implementing ratios like these, which have proven their worth. Increasing care workers’ salaries is one thing, but we need to offer them working conditions that are decent and where they feel valued. The ratios would have positive effects on care for patients in hospitals and long-term health-care facilities. We hope that the CAQ government demonstrates openness so that we are able to study this bill.

–Mr. André Fortin, MNA representing Pontiac and Liberal Critic for Health and Social Services.