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12 October 2023

A Liberal Plan for an Assertive, United, and Prosperous Quebec

The Reflection and Consultation Committee on the Revival of the Quebec Liberal Party has released its report which contains several ideas for affirming Quebec within Canada and worldwide, adopting inclusive and unifying policies, and creating wealth for all Quebecers.

The report suggests, among other things, adopting a Quebec Constitution, a comprehensive reform of French-language education, greater autonomy for the regions so they can better manage their economic and social development, an industrial policy, and the introduction of a minimum activity income.

Read the report of the Committee on the Revival of the QLP

After consulting over 500 people during a Quebec tour and with party authorities, current and former elected officials, former QLP leaders and experts, the Committee notes a genuine desire to renew the QLP while remaining true to its history and values. The Liberals believe significant changes are needed to enable the Party to regain its place on the Quebec political scene.

“Liberals don’t want to abandon the values at the core of their political action. They want the PLQ to adopt a renewed discourse and proposals in tune with today’s Quebec. Liberal nationalism must be bold, inclusive, and unifying,” committee co-chair André Pratte explained.

Reconnecting with Quebecers

As many liberals told us, the QLP must “reconnect” with Quebecers. This starts by reconnecting with its base and party supporters. To do this, we must embrace ourselves as Liberals, Quebecers, and Canadians. We must proudly promote our history and our values.

“In all our consultations, we met supporters who were extremely realistic about the current challenges facing the Party, and yet confident in our ability to renew our great political party. For them, our values are more relevant than ever and must guide our rebuilding process, since they have allowed us to reinvent ourselves continuously for more than 155 years. The determination of our members and supporters to play an active part in the reconstruction of the QLP has been a great source of inspiration and motivation for us,” said Madwa-Nika Cadet, co-chair of the committee.

Assert, Unite, Prosper

The Liberal vision revolves around three action verbs: assert, unite and prosper. It’s about offering Quebecers a project in which Quebec asserts itself within the Canadian Federation and elsewhere in the world, unites everyone around inclusive policies, and creates the conditions for prosperity for all to achieve greater social justice, sustainable development, and intergenerational equity.

This report is now in the hands of activists. From now on, it’s up to them to appropriate the ideas, debate them, and develop them into concrete political proposals with the national and regional Political Commissions, which are mandated to follow up on the recommendations.

“Quebecers asked us to do our homework, exactly what we’ve done. This report is the first step towards the renewal of the PLQ and the development of a Liberal project for Quebec. I know there are Liberal activists all over Quebec who want to take part in such a project and offer Quebecers a credible alternative,” asserted PLQ interim leader Marc Tanguay.

About the Committee

Formed in March 2023, the Committee of the Revival of the Quebec Liberal Party of Québec is made up of 14 members from all regions and generations, reflecting the diversity of the party and of the Quebec of today. The Committee is co-chaired by Madwa-Nika Cadet, MNA for Bourassa-Sauvé, and former journalist and Senator André Pratte.

This report is, first and foremost, that of the activists who gave their time to reflect on and discuss the future of the Quebec Liberal Party. We thank them sincerely for their participation and commitment to our Party.