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Press release
9 April 2020

Psychological Support for our Guardian Angels

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Rotating teams of psychologists needs to be created quickly in each of Quebec’s regions to support health care workers, long-term health-care facilities and seniors’ residences which have all been heavily impacted by COVID-19, suggest official opposition MNAs André Fortin and Monique Sauvé.

The staff in these establishments are living unprecedented professional experiences. The MNA representing Fabre cited the example of the CHSLD de Ste-Dorothée in Laval where Covid-19 has left 8 dead and has infected 120 residents.

Mr. Fortin and Ms. Sauvé recommend that a team of psychologists be created and made available to each establishment that needs them to support their health-care workers. This rotating squad should be deployed for workers in establishments where the current situations are the most critical.

A telephone line could also be created to allow health care workers to speak to a psychologist should they feel the need.

We need to protect our health care workers as they confront this exceptional situation. As the number of deaths and cases increase, their workload and mental burdens are becoming increasingly heavy. As a state, we do not have the luxury of depriving ourselves of these courageous workers who are experiencing highly emotional situations. All of our health-care workers need to be able to count on rapid access to the psychological help they need to get them through these difficult times and continue this fight.

—André Fortin, MNA representing Pontiac and Liberal Critic for Health.

I am constantly in contact with long-term health-care facility workers and staff in seniors’ residences who tell me about the psychological distress that the personnel is experiencing. They are working in extremely anxiety-provoking situations. Every day the number of cases increases, the death toll increases and they have to reassure residents who are worried about becoming infected. We need to be thinking about our guardian angels and what they are going through on a daily basis.

—Monique Sauvé, MNA representing Fabre and Liberal Critic for Seniors and Informal Caregivers