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Press release
13 August 2019

The Impacts of Technology on Young People : The Oposition Urges Quebec to Study the Issue

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The MNA representing Pontiac and Liberal Critic for Health and Social Services, André Fortin, reiterated the importance of allowing parliamentarians to hear from experts about the impacts of technology on young people. He was accompanied by Enrico Ciccone, the MNA representing Marquette and Liberal Critic for Sports, Recreation and Healthy Living.

On July 26, André Fortin proposed an initiative mandate request which would allow the members of the Health and Social Services Committee to hear from experts on this issue that affects Quebec’s whole population and parents in particular, as managing screen time has become a daily challenge for Quebec’s parents.

We want to know the truth about this reality affecting Quebec’s youth. What are the impacts of over exposure to these technologies for our young people? The information conveyed during this committee would benefit the entire population. I invite my committee colleagues to support this mandate proposal as it seeks to be a non-partisan effort.

–André Fortin, Liberal Critic for Health and Social Services

I am particularly concerned about the issue of esports. Especially when I see that high schools are beginning to offer programs in this field. Before authorizing this type of program, can’t we first question their impacts? More and more young people are sedentary. Esports will never replace sports.

–Enrico Ciccone, Liberal Critic for Sports, Recreation and Healthy Living