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Government announcement
20 April 2018

The Highway 19 extension project gets the green light

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A new step forward

LAVAL, QC, April 20, 2018 – With the feasibility study now complete, the Québec government has announced the form that the Highway 19 project will take and has revealed the project’s details.

The extension of Highway 19 will include:

  • The construction of:
    • A new three-lane roadway, including a lane reserved for buses, electric cars and carpoolers;
    • Four new interchanges and the redevelopment of an existing interchange;
    • A new bridge east of the Athanase-David Bridge.
  • The development of:
    • Incentivized parking and a bus station;
    • Noise barriers.
  • The extension and redevelopment of the multipurpose path.

With a view to sustainable mobility, the project, which will be located between Saint-Martin Boulevard East, in Laval, and Industriel Boulevard, in Bois-des-Filion, will notably contribute to improving mobility by creating road infrastructure that is adapted to the needs of families. At the same time, it will make public transit services more efficient, encourage modal shift and reduce the environmental and economic costs associated with traffic congestion.

The government already completed the survey work last March and plans to complete the geotechnical surveys and soil analyses required for the project as of this spring. In addition, a call for tenders will be launched soon for the establishment of plans and specifications. The preparatory work will continue into 2019.


Quebecers do not want to be stuck in traffic going to and from work in the mornings and the evenings. They want to be enjoying quality time at home, not spending endless hours on the road. I know this, and our team knows this. Congestion hurts quality of life, is expensive and gets in the way of progress. That’s why we are committed to unclogging the areas surrounding Montréal while encouraging sustainable public transit. The Highway 19 project presented today fits in perfectly with our modern and ambitious vision for a new Québec.  This overall vision places citizen mobility and quality of life, business success, and the preservation of our living environment at the heart of our concerns and actions.

– Philippe Couillard, Premier of Québec

With its lane reserved for buses, electric cars and carpoolers, the extension of the 19 will improve fluidity, a major issue for the regions north of Montréal. This solution is part of the vision of our recently announced sustainable mobility policy and meets the needs of users who wish to reduce their travel time and improve their quality of life.

– André Fortin, Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transport Electrification

Today’s announcement demonstrates our government’s commitment to launch the final phase of the Highway 19 extension project. As we know, this project is important to the people of Laval and will also benefit the other residents of the North Shore. I can only welcome this good news that will, in the future, improve the quality of life of the region’s residents. Being able to count on an efficient transportation corridor will support both the local economy and, to a certain extent, the provincial economy.

– Francine Charbonneau, Minister responsible for Seniors and Anti-Bullying and Minister responsible for the Laval region

Congestion is a real problem in the centre of Bois-des-Filion. The extension of the 19 will help road users as well as the residents of the municipality. The addition of incentivized parking in the northeastern quadrant of Highway 640 and the future Highway 19 will also facilitate travel for all residents of the area.

– Christine St-Pierre, Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie and Minister responsible for the Laurentides region