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Press release
March 26, 2020

Assistance Measures for Small and Medium Enterprises : Supporting Our SMEs in All of Quebec’s Regions

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The closure of many small and medium enterprises due to the health crisis affecting Quebec has plunged many workers and entrepreneurs into uncertainty. The Official Opposition is working in collaboration with the government to quickly find economic measures that are flexible and adapted to Quebec’s reality in an effort to support SMEs throughout all of Quebec’s regions.

  1. Provide $2,000 in financial assistance for all small companies that benefit from the credit for small businesses.
  2. Decrease the government assistance admissibility threshold for companies from $50,000 to $10,000.
  3. Increase and pre-empt additional assistance for citizens with the solidarity tax credit to provide faster access to liquidity.

Our intention is to be constructive and rapidly offer the government applicable solutions that meet families’ needs. We need to be able to quickly reduce the financial anxiety that many Quebecers are experiencing. We will continue to collaborate with the Minister of Economy to develop an emergency plan to help our SMEs throughout Quebec get through this crisis.

–Dominique Anglade, Liberal Critic for Economy

Thousands of Quebecers are currently experiencing financial uncertainty. They are asking themselves how they will be able to pay their bills in the coming weeks. The best way to quickly offer them financial support is to use mechanisms that already exist. In a short time, Revenu Quebec can identify potential beneficiaries and send them assistance. It is a quick method to respond to this emergency.

–Carlos J. Leitâo, Liberal Critic for Finance.

It’s a time of anguish and uncertainly for our businesses. Not just for today, but for the future as well. We have had a number of exchanges with Minister Fitzgibbon to talk about this distress. Many solutions have been suggested and the discussions are ongoing. We do hope that over the coming days measures will be announced to reduce the pressure on our businesses and our workers.

–Monsef Derraji, Liberal Critic for SMEs and Innovation