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Press release
11 November 2020

Official opposition wants a modern and green economic recovery plan that focuses on the future

François Legault’s government raised expectations about its economic update, which is slated for November 12. We expect the CAQ to set its sights on long-term economic recovery.

What we are asking for is the following:

  • Funding for ratio projects to reduce the number of patients for which each health care professional is responsible;
  • Implementing universal access to a public psychotherapy program for the young and not so young;
  • Offering more predictability for entrepreneurs:
    • Direct assistance for businesses that remain closed;
    • Direct assistance for businesses in yellow and orange zones for which customer traffic has decreased due to measures to reduce the risk of virus transmission;
    • Access to direct assistance through simplifying the process to apply for programs;
    • Rethinking procurement policies.
  • Developing a green and progressive recovery:
    • To stimulate the recovery, measures based on a sustainable development approach that support entrepreneurs and which take into consideration the risks related to environmental, social and governance issues that could significantly impact an investment.
  • Implementing measures to accelerate infrastructures:
    • Modernisation of ventilation systems in Quebec schools;
    • Promoting infrastructures to accompany businesses as they connect to high-speed Internet throughout Quebec’s territory;
  • Focusing on forests, the sector for our future:
    • A gradual, yet substantial, increase in budgets for forestry work in an effort to reduce GHGs through the absorption of C02 and to ensure growth in the forestry sector;
    • Support for the transformation of forestry sector factories;
    • Support for increasing the value of residues;
    • Proposing an obligation to use a percentage of lumber in institutional and commercial constructions.
  • Taxing web giants (GAFAM).

The Quebec Liberal Party believes that our economy’s recovery and growth must begin now. In addition to the sums that will be invested, its the Legault governments vision that will determine the value of this economic update. As leader of the Official Opposition and Critic responsible for the Charter for Regions, I expect that the government will present us with a plan that will better rebuild the shortcomings and inequalities that have caused the pandemic to erupt. Throughout the entire planet, governments are focused on economic recovery plans that are more modern, greener and focused on the future. Quebecers want a government that knows how to transform risk into opportunities for economic development and create the jobs of tomorrow. François Legault needs to establish a genuine long-term recovery plan that will meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Dominique Anglade, Leader of the Official Opposition and Critic responsible for the Charter for Regions 

This economic update is an opportunity for the Minister of Finance to make up for the budget that became obsolete 3 days after it was tabled last March and meet the needs generated by the social, health and economic crisis that all Quebecers are experiencing. What we are asking for responds to legitimate concerns from health care workers, parents, entrepreneurs and people who live in Quebec’s regions.

André Fortin, Official Opposition Critic for Public Finances and Official Opposition House Leader

The CAQ government has an opportunity to offer us an economic recovery plan this is green, sustainable and modern. Given the current situation, it is time to innovate and implement economic assistance programs that are predictable and adapted to our current economic situation. François Legault’s government doesn’t have any leeway, Quebec’s future depends on it.

Carlos J. Leitão, Official Opposition Critic for Economy 

All of our entrepreneurs are in survival mode. The CAQ must stop proposing loans and start thinking about direct assistance. This is as true for the companies that have closed due to the government restrictions, as for those that remain open given that the government is asking the population to limit their movements as much as possible to decrease the risk of transmission. In addition to being enhanced, the assistance must also be accessible and simplified.

Monsef Derraji, Official Opposition Critic for SMEs and Innovation.