L'équipe libérale 2018 - PLQ
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22 October 2018

An experienced and determined Official Opposition

L'équipe libérale 2018 - PLQ

QUÉBEC CITY, October 22, 2018 – Pierre Arcand, Leader of the Official Opposition, has assigned to each member of his team the responsibilities they will be assuming in the course of parliamentary activities.

The following is a list of our critics and their various areas of government intervention:

Dominique Anglade: Economy and Immigration

Pierre Arcand: Metropolitan Area

Gaétan Barrette: Conseil du Trésor and Transport

Frantz Benjamin: Youth Protection

David Birnbaum: Native Affairs

Francine Charbonneau: Seniors, Family Caregivers and Anti-Bullying

Enrico Ciccone: Sports, Leisure and Healthy Living

Hélène David: Social Services, Secularism and the Status of Women

Monsef Derraji: SMEs and Innovation

André Fortin: Health, Public Health and the Vitality of Regions

Maryse Gaudreault: Tourism

Carlos J. Leitão: Finance

Gregory Kelley: Relations with English-speaking Quebecers

Jennifer Maccarone: Family

Isabelle Melançon: Culture, Communications and Protection of the French Language
Deputy House Leader

Nicole Ménard: Whip

Marie Montpetit: Environment, the Fight Against Climate Change and Agriculture

Marie-Claude Nichols: Municipal Affairs

Saul Polo: Energy, Natural Ressources, Forests, Fauna and Parks

Sébastien Proulx: Capitale-Nationale and Democratic Institutions
House Leader

Marwah Rizqy: Education, Higher Education and Digital Strategy

Paule Robitaille: International Relations and Francophonie

Jean Rousselle: Work, Ethics and Integrity in Public Contracts

Filomena Rotiroti: Caucus Chair

Monique Sauvé: Employment and Social Solidarity

Christine St-Pierre: Public Safety

Marc Tanguay: Justice and Access to Information

Lise Theriault: Housing and Consumer Protection

Kathleen Weil: Canadian Relations and Canadian Francophonie

The Liberal MNAs will meet at the Entourage sur-le-Lac Resort in Lac Beauport from October 23 to 25 to determine what actions they will take in the coming weeks and prepare for the opening of the National Assembly.

Our team’s combined strengths make us a formidable Official Opposition. The government has things to explain to the people of Québec, and we will ensure that it does so. The opposition critics will invest their time and spare no effort in the coming weeks to ensure that they are on top of their portfolios when the National Assembly reopens. I have confidence in each and every member of the Liberal Caucus, and, together, we will work to revive our party.

– Pierre Arcand, Leader of the Official Opposition.

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